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The list below are the new features of Rapid Entity Framework.
  1. Rapid Entity Modeler Diagramming tool (Uses Microsoft Domain DSL and T4/CodeDom) for modeling Rapid Entity (Done)
  2. RapidGenTool : Command based Code generator. (Generates SQL CRUD operation from entities and also generates entities from SQL metadata) (Done included In Rapid Diagram)
  3. Refactoring : Rapid Entity Framework Refactoring (I need volunteers). (Done)
  4. Rapid Documentation (.chm file). (Volunteers Required)
  5. Improve Rapid Query Language Rapid Query Language (RQL)
  6. Linq Integration
  7. Class first Design and exporting designed classes to the database
  8. Oracle Provider
  9. MySql Provider.
  10. Export Your entities from solution explorer to the designer.
  11. Code Pluralisation and Singuralisation.
  12. Table per classes in hierarchy
  13. Soft Delete
  14. Refactored Code base
  15. Entity Splitting. Mapping multiple tables into a single Entity
  16. Table splitting. Splitting a table into multiple entities
  17. Entity interceptors. Allows you to intercept entity life cycle events like OnLoad , OnDelete , OnUpDate
  18. Metadata Compilation. The Configuration will include a Compile method which will enable you to extract all metadata details on application start rather than the default (per request).
  19. Static time RQL Improvement. RQL will soon allow you to query using statically bound properties (Using compile time property over string).
  20. Generated SQL enhancement.
  21. Improved LINQ and LINQ Projections
  22. Improving Composite Keys Entity Keys
  23. Improved Designer Support
  24. Support for Interface based entity
  25. XML Query. RQL XML Query Flavour support. You will be able to send xml request conforming to RQL schema and you will get result back based on the criteria in the query.
  26. Criteria API, another query flavour, without the SQL jargons.
  27. Functional Query. This are compiled query.
  28. Entity Serialization and Deserialization. (Serialize and deserialize entities into xml).
  29. Finally, Table per Type Inheritance is live.
  30. Support for DB2
  31. Support for SQL Lite

2011 Release
  1. XML Mapping (Persistent Ignorance)
  2. Improved RQL and LINQ queries
  3. Change monitoring (You can interogate the entity manager about changes to an entity)
  4. Undo transactional changes
  5. Transaction context/boundary
  6. Ability to integrate external cache provider via the configuration

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It could provide an example of mapping tables with composite keys. Thank you.