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Hi all, if you have downloaded the ORM framework and you like it, you can stay tunned onto this open source project, because there is more to come. Currently i have built a tool to diagram domain entities, to make it flexible to map the object and relational database. To get this tool, download the current release.

Rapid Entity Designer SetUp This installer will install rapid entity project template into your Visual Studio IDE (2008). After installations, you can create a new project from that template and drag and drop tables from server explorer to the designer surface. After which you will need to right click the designer and click on generate entities to generate all mapped table into the projects GeneratedCode folder

This tool is an integration to visual studio and it supports visual studio 2008.

How to use Rapid Entity Designer

Step 1 Install Rapid Entity Designer

After downloading above, then unzip the file and click on the RapidEntity.msi installer, this will install the RapidEntity integration with visual studio. This will enable you to drag and drop tables from Server explorer.

Step 2 Create New Rapid Entity Project

Next is to create a new rapid entity project. Since we have installed the Designer Setup, Rapid Entity Designer will now be integrated into your IDE for relational mapping.
  1. Open Visual Studio .NET IDE
  2. Click File > New Project (Your New Project Dialog Box Pops-up)
  3. Select Visual C# Project
  4. Select Rapid Entity Framework from the Visual Studio installed templates section.
  5. Click OK Button, to create new Rapid Entity Project.


Step 3 Whats In the solution Explorer

Rapid Entity Framework Solution explorer is like any other C# project but with some additional file type. The following are the file types and brief explanation about them :
  1. Rapid.rapd This file, when you double click on it, it will open up the designer surface where you can drag and drop tables from the solution explorer. You can add as many .rapd file as you want, meaning you can design several entity with different .rapd file. The choice is yours, but i choose to use just one for my projects and many if its getting messy.
  1. GeneratedCode When you generated your artifacts, the generated code will be saved into the GeneratedCode folder. This folder is mandatory.
  1. RapidEntitySchema.xsd This is required by the designer. Leave it as it is.


Step 4 Draging tables into Rapid Entity Designer Interface

When you double click on the .rapd file, this opens the designer surface where you can drag and drop tables from the solution explorer databases. For now rapid entity still support Microsoft SQL Server and ACCESS DB. Let us Open the Rapid.rapd file :


Now we will drag and drop onto the surface area, Let us drag the Employees table from the Northwind database (SQL Server 2005).


This is the basic way of dragging and dropping unto the rapid entity design interface. You can as well make use of the *Designing Rapid Entity From Tool Box. This approach is still not stable, you might experience some error (Work is in progress on this).

Let us now drag few other tables and right click the designer surface to generate the Entity clases for us.


You can see the generate option when you right click on the interface. After right clicking, you select generate and all the domains/entities will be generated into into the GeneratedCode folder. In our diagram above, notice the relationships amongst the entities, Rapid Designer automatically detects database relationships and it joins the entities accordingly. In this example, employess has EmployeeTerritories is related to one or Many Territories.

Now let us generated our domain artifacts. You will see that after clicking on the Generate Entities option when we right click on the designer surface, codes are generated into the GeneratedCode folder just like in the below diagram :


You can contribute to this project if you download the entire Rapid Entity source code (Comprising of the Designer and the Persistent Framework). Stay tunned because there are more to come on this arena.

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