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Rapid Query Language RQL

Data access is the most concentrated and celebrated when developing data intensive application. To successfully ensure that we use/retrieve/reuse our data in a more object oriented and efficient manner, we must use query languages that understands both object and relational database semantics.

Rapid Entity Framework, is already an efficient OORM (Object Oriented Relational Mapping) layer that we can leverage in our applications for access to RDBMS data in an object oriented manner.

RQL (rapid Query Language) : is the standard query language adopted by the Rapid Entity framework for object to table queries. The same query language (RQL) is used internally by rapid entity framework to fetch data from the data store, and to transform data to object/entity. The fact that the framework engine leverages this query makes it more robust and a key player in the internal functioning of the Rapid Entity Framework.

RQL takes after SQL semantics so that developers can quickly embrace and understand the query syntax fully well. That is why we choose to follow Structured Query Language lexical structure.

To get started in using or knowing more about RQL then go to RQL (Rapid Query Language) Premier

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