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Using Rapid with MySql Database

Rapid entity framework is fully functional with mysql database. A Mysql database provider has been added to rapid, and this enable you to use rapid framework library (PersistentFramework.dll) on top of the mysql database.

Using Rapid Entity Designer with MySql

For you to use the rapid entity framework designer for my sql, you will need to download the mysql-connector-net-xx.x, which you can get here -> This will add the mysql connector, that will give you a visual studio server explorer integration with mysql. On installation of the mysql connector, then you can drag and drop tables from the server explorer to the rapid designer surface. You will also be able to do class first development, export to database and also any other designer functionality.

Setting up configuration factory for mysql provider

            //For MySql DB
            static ConfigurationFactory factory;

            factory = ConfigurationFactory.GetInstance(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["MySql"].ConnectionString);
            factory.ProviderDialect = ProviderDialect.MySQLProvider;
            factory.Prefetch(typeof(Customer), typeof(Product));  //Prefetch is a new function. Allows you to fetch objects on application load.

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